One-One Leadership Coaching. As the leader of an organization you have a lot of responsibility. Leading an organization is a challenge that should never be done alone. I’ll help you assess where the organization is at, where it needs to go and how to get there. I’ll also help you discover who you are and how you lead best. Every leader needs a coach, and I would love to be yours in person or over the internet.


Train Your Teams. In every organization people are asked to lead and succeed but never trained and taught how to do it. Kind of crazy when you think about it. So let’s get intentional about training your teams. I’ll help your team understand what leadership is and how they can best do it. I’ll also help each team member understand how they can make their greatest contribution.


Strategic Planning. Strategic leadership is essentially figuring out where the organization is, where it needs to go and what are the vital behaviors that will move it there. Over 2 days I will help you and your team develop a 90-Day-Strategic Plan to move from here to there.