Mark has been speaking to groups of all sizes for over 32 years. People describe his speaking as natural, moving and life changing. Marks speaks at a wide range of events from churches, staff meetings, sports teams, conferences, colleges, and companies.


Some of Mark's topics are:

Leading on Empty- How to stay refueled and energized in leadership. 

Self Leadership- Learning how to lead yourself.

Next Level Leadership- Learning what separates great leaders from good leaders.

Intentional Leadership- Focusing on what matters most in your leadership.

Predictable Success- Learning what it is and how to achieve it.

Leaders That Last- How to stay in leadership for the long haul.

Servant Leadership- Becoming the leader you were meant to be.

Trade Up- How to move from success to significance. 

Unstuck- Reaching your full potential.

Find Your Why and Your Way- Discovering your purpose and live it out.

Move- How to effectively lead through setbacks, obstacles and disappointments. 

Seasons- An ending is always a beginning.